Brighton Musonza repents on Nelson Chamisa vitrol

Nelson Chamisa

Just to take this opportunity to congratulate Nelson Chamisa for being officially confirmed MDC President and Presidential candidate. I may not have agreed with the manner that has brought him there and in the end this got me into explosive exchanges with a few and got me lynched and besmirched. I wish him and his party well. I am not a hater. I lost a few friends over the debate; but I am still proud of myself for standing up to defend my conscience and my beliefs. My views still stand. A lot may have gone over the top in the exchanges but I am big enough to draw a line. A few days ago I announced that I’m no longer emotionally attached to any party; that position still stands and I don’t intend to change that now or in the future. What I want to do during this crucial phase of this lovely country Zimbabwe is to sit back on the vantage and be able to give an objective assessment of the candidates and their parties right through out the election campaign; and then make a decision on who to back based on informed assessment. In my binder; parties have members and supporters. And then there are strong characters who don’t get whipped into line by the tide; those that sit on the perimeter fencing; waiting to be convinced by candidates – that is the newness of me. For me; both Chamisa and Mnangagwa start the race on the same footing. And what I want is to assess them on; who is capable of solving this country’s complex challenges. Both have strengths and weaknesses and I want to be able to pierce through the curtain veil and get to know the hidden weaknesses or unknowns as they they express themselves in front of the public. The known weaknesses are what we all know and the unknown knowns are those traits that are important to know because they are known by the beholder and the manner he tries to keep them unknown reconciles a personality and the inner strength. I wish I could do a BRIGGs Myers personality test on them. I like Chamisa; he is a great guy. He speaks well and connects well with the audience. So he is more likely to be a leader who inspires his audiences and carry them into a direction and shared objectives. He is a mobiliser. And he is handsome too. His weaknesses is that he is yet to be tested on his organisational and administrative abilities; at any level of his career. Hence his major test will come when he re-organises the party especially if he doesn’t win. We are also yet to know the party’s economic position. I also don’t believe in the MDC Alliance idea; it is conflicted in the populist agenda that hides weaknesses in an organisational formation. I believe in post-election coalitions because parties have a well defined platform that got them a result. My lil petty advise to him is to get his people to drop Advocate from his name. The culture of titles is being used to create an elitist society in Zimbabwe. ED’s strength is the strong experience behind him; experience of understanding the State and the complex nature of the task before him. He understands the private sector economy very well and he is well networked in the West and in the region. But his weakness is that; although he understands what has got to be done on the basis of the known wrongs done by his ex boss; he seems to be lacking the imagination to transform good ideas into an appealing political message. His major problem is that he doesn’t have the depth in human resources capacity and hence he is clinging onto corrupt individuals who are occupying state positions for the simple reasons that they are all what he has got. And there are some corrupt individuals in business he can’t prosecute because he knows they have sponsored the party before and they may do so again. He is not a mobiliser and he doesn’t connects well with the audience on public speech delivery. N.B, For me the best candidate is one who comes up with the radical currency reforms. Any economic policies or pledges without currency reforms are hollow. And any suggestion of Rand adoption is being lazy to think or worse lack of an intellectual assessment on the wrongness of the Rand to Zimbabwe.

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