BREAKING: Chamisa having an affair with Elizabeth Tsvangirai?

indecent assault

So Chamisa tries to see Morgan on the 1st of February and Morgan refused to see him. Then around the time Chamisa is in South Africa, Morgans wife disappears. Her excuse for disappearing turns out to be a lie as she sneaks into and out of Zimbabwe and lies she was home with a headache. Morgans wife is sneaking around and lying. Morgan is told and according to his brother he becomes angry and says “this cannot continue, I don’t want to see her anymore” which means this was the last straw that broke the camels back, Elizabeth had done other bad things. As Morgans spouse, only Morgan has the power to stop her from seeing him and Doctors will naturally follow his wishes to avoid upsetting their patient.
So Morgan doesn’t want to see both his wife and what was probably his right hand man. Question is why ? What could Chamisa and Elizabeth have done that Morgan and his relatives don’t want to see them both? And why are Elizabeth, Chamisa and Luke producing versions directly contradicted by Morgans closest family, his children and his brothers ?

I believe Morgans children and brothers account of what has been happening and what are Morgans wishes. They will always naturally act in his best interests.

Pastor Chamisa makaitei nemukadzi we mumhu?

Stanley Goreraza


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