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Defiant Khuphe Meets Bulawayo Civil Society and Churches

Troubled MDC-T Deputy President Thokozani Khuphe will on Friday have seperate meetings with members of the Bulawayo Civil Society and church leaders, can exclusively reveal.

Khuphe is set to meet with the civil society in the morning before meeting pastors and bishops from the churches in the city later in the day. sources indicated that Khuphe’s discussion topic will be centred around the alleged capture of power in the MDC-T by new President Nelson Chamisa.

Sources indicated that the infornation on the meeting leaked to the MDC-T outside Khuphe’s wishes. The sources further indicated that the party will be sending members of the party’s vanguard to spy for the party in the meetings.

Khuphe is currently serving a seven day ultimatum to decide if she wants to work with Chamisa or she be booted out of the party.

Khuphe has publicly expressed that she does not recognise Chamisa as the President of the party. She claims she was the rightful person to take over after the late former President Morgan Tsvangirai.

Source: Zimeye

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