Harare Mayor Humiliated In Toilet Deal, Demands Executive Powers

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By Paul Nyathi|The Mayor of Harare Councillor Ben Manyenyeni has been humiliated by the City of Harare authorities after the city removed a public toilet he had set up in a hurried deal in the city centre.

The Mayor lamented the City’s move in a facebook post on his official page on Wednesday morning. Manyenyeni felt the humiliation requires for city mayors to be accorded executive powers to avoid such incidents.

Wrote the Mayor:

When we say the City needs an Executive Mayor (as in all PROPER dispensations!) you people don’t seem to appreciate the agony of doing even the most obvious of things.

I drove past NBS Bank yesterday morning and I stopped when I saw these crowds who have been in the queue for up to 4 days – to get pension money out of our cashless banks.

In discussions with long-suffering pensioners they begged for toilet facilities.

I knew very well that a city council “solution” would take FOREVER so I called long-standing friend Philip Mataranyika of the robust Nyaradzo Group for a Corporate Social Responsibility-SOS from their vibrant Sahwira Events company.

It took less than three minutes for him to say they would dispatch a mobile toilet immediately for a week and they did.

Our job, our gap, their kind help.

I drove past this morning – NO mobile toilet but my driver swore he actually saw it in place yesterday.

They have been chased away by council – they must apply for a licence!!

We are so so competent and compliant when we avoid what’s necessary.

When I said in my State of the City Address in April Harare City Council needs a sjambok this is the kind of crap that needs a sjambok.

STUPID……no apology.

Thank you, Sahwira Events and thank you, Nyaradzo Holdings.

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