Hospitality industry implored to embrace technology


Government says hospitality industry operation should embrace technology through digital marketing to increase both domestic and international tourism.

In an interview with ZBC News on the sidelines of a website launch at Barrouge and Restaurant in Harare, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Dr Thokozile Chitepo said the technology brings the country in the forefront in terms visibility through websites that market businesses.

Website developer Mr Tendai Motsi noted that websites are essential in that all information about a certain place can be accessed without difficulties.

In a world where modern technology is developing at a rapid pace, connectivity and personalisation have become two key factors that play a fundamental role in ensuring a business does not become stagnant.“When a guest receives the pinnacle of hospitality treatment, they become the advocate for your brand and this starts with how your staff is trained and the knowledge they are empowered with.”

Although we cannot ignore the fact that everything around us is either connected by a smartphone or a tablet, the hospitality industry needs to understand and ensure that every immersive touch point for the guest is an opportunity to deliver excellent customer service and experience. Hospitality groups and institutions need to ensure that they stand out from the crowd by creating trustworthy brand loyalty with real-time interaction.

Government through the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality industry has been working on strategies that can increase both local and international tourism.

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