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How the Junta plots to assassinate Mthwakazi leader.

We have always maintained on the perception that the fight for Mthwakazi cause is a Godly fight. God has shown his favour once more by revealing the murderous intentions of the government of Mnangangwa. We woke up today to the intelligence news that the coup government has hatched a plan to assassinate Mqondisi Moyo, the MRP President.

The details of this plan as revealed by our inside sources, is to be executed in Bulawayo.

They are planning to intimidate the people of Bulawayo, with the intention of enticing MRP to intervene. In the process of the toytoying, Mqondisi Moyo would be shot and the shooters will defend themselves by claiming that they would have misjudged him to be an aggressor. They would claim to have shot him as an act of self defense.

This information surfaced after a meeting of JOC ( Joint Operations Command) that was held last Monday the 5th of March. This deadly evil grouping comprise of the police, military, prison services and the CIO.

We therefore expect some political violence in Bulawayo in the near future, and we urge our people to be vigillant.

It is extremely worrying that the people of Bulawayo can have their peace disturbed for the planned assassination of one man who has chosen to lead a fight for the freedom of the people.

We would like to appreciate the few sane people within government who keep us admonished of all the evils fashioned against MRP leadership by this monstrous government.

We will continue to fight for the people of Mthwakazi, even before the face of death.
It is the final kick of a dying horse that is very fatal. Freedom is coming tomorrow. Let’s all hold on.

Sisonke Sibambene singuMthwakazi Sizokulungisa

MRP Security Department

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