Khulani Says Chamisa Is The King Of Violence | IS THIS TRUE?


Chamisa is an ill-tutored politician whose rise to power is unconstitutional just like the junta. He is moving from blunder to blunder as though led by blind fate. He is the black Hittler that hungers and thirsts for human blood. If you thought cannibalism is non-existent in Zimbabwe, then think twice. Chamisa and his thugs are cannibals who bay for the blood of their comrades who differ with them on the program of action. Above all he is a confirmed tribalist who sees other tribes as nothing better than instruments that he can use to achieve his short-sighted political dreams.

He believes Matebeleland people are politically dull hence he can use them like tissues when it best suits him. Loyalty of a certain section of the electorate doesnt mean it is politically dull. The voters can shift their loyalty to rival poltical organisation if they feel disrespected and used. Mr Chamisa, you dont own the voters, neither do you own MDC-T. You are nothing but a priviledged power hungry dreamer. Together wth your thugs, you have no respect for human life hence you shed blood anytime when you feel your shallow political dreams are threatened.

What is more disturbing is learning that an aspiring president has a bunch of thugs in his pocket, that live from his pocket. Hiring thugs to terrorise your opponents is unMDC. Mugabeism is very dangerous and contageous political sytem. Those that get in contact with the system, are transfugured into the likeness of Mugabe. They end up wholly subscribing to Mugabeism, believing thay violence is the panacea to any political problem. Violence in any sphere of our beloved country must be condemned with the contempt it deserves.

It is disturbing that such a king of violence dreams of becoming the president of Zimbabwe. Chamisa has a lot to learn and unlearn before thinking of becoming the president of the country. He must unlearn the politics of lies, violence and tribalism and learn being humble, accommodative, connecting with the people, working for the people and being an honest servant. There is no place in our modern politics for authoritarians. He should have learnt this from the downfall of his idol, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Ideologically bankrupt leaders hide behind violence. They use violence as a weapon of consolidating their power and elongating their stay in power. As NPP we condemn violence and believe the perpetrators must belong behind the bars. We further condemn violence precipitated on women. If Chamisa can not protect women, what gospel is he preaching as man of God? Is he not one of the last days prophets of doom the holy bible is warning us agaisnt? Dear Zimbabweans let us chose our leaders wisely. Only those who preach love and unity are worth our votes. 2018 is the year of great change, a year for the coronation of Dr Mujuru as the state President. Let us make history by making her the first female president in Zimbabwe.

Victory is certain, alluta continua.

Source: Zimeye

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