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By Simba Chikanza| ANALYSIS| Many journalists claim that a story has got two sides; but on we prove that every story has got 12 sides, and the reader must be informed of all the facets. Today I caught up with the provincial minister Webster Shamu on whose head serious allegations of vote rigging have been leveled, and these were seen in videos uploaded yesterday soon after the end of the Zanu PF primaries.

So just now, I have just interviewed the “cremora” minister Webster Shamu.

He denies the vote rigging allegations and videos uploaded yesterday …he even challenges people to provide evidence.

On his historical Cremora praises of Robert Mugabe, I ask him if he regrets it and if he recommends the same treatment on the new President, Emmerson Mnangagwa. He calls it mere salutation. He denies that the greatest mistake of the Old Govt, was human worship – “kunamata munhu wenyama kwavo.” He still insists that it was mere salutation.

I ask him on what he has to offer the new generation and he says he is among other things building a state of the art school in his constituency.

I also ask him about the claim of Joyce Mujuru shooting down a helicopter, and he says it was never his story, we were taught and indoctrinated during the war when I joined. I joined later than Mujuru, he says.

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– Simba Chikanza


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