MDC-T Chamisa’s “Strong Words” To Mnangagwa and Mudenda.

Mr. Speaker, this was an event that befell us whilst we were unawares.  So I stood up to say that as a party that is in this august House and well known in this august House which is the Movement for Democratic Change that I lead.

Mr. Speaker I wish to say these words expressing my gratitude especially to Parliament which is headed by you and also all the other parliamentarians.  We saw us coming together to unite and go through the bereavement of Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai.

There was no partisanship in this event and you also said a lot Mr. Speaker when you attended the funeral.  We know there are two parties MDC-T and ZANU PF in Parliament.  We are two parties that are well known to be part of Government.  We also want to thank His Excellency the President for the words that he gave.

It is important that we emulate this in Parliament because we are in Parliament.  His Excellency the President came, the Hon. Vice President came and also Hon. S. K. Moyo even when the body of the late arrived, we realised that there is nothing that stops us from working as a team in Zimbabwe. I am sure this will be extended throughout the elections and we received a lot of assistance from the Government.

On behalf of the Movement for Democratic Change, I want to thank you.  We hope that such events can unite the people.

As a leader who was given this position, I also hope that we will have a new dispensation that where we are heading, the way we are going to proceed should be to unite our nation.  We might differ in terms of views and perspectives, but the country is the same.  Where we are heading, we should not think that this person does not deserve this anymore.

We want our country to develop and not look at the issue of party; we should not be partisan in rebuilding our nation.  I thank you.”

Source: Zimeye

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