MDC-T, ZANU-PF leadership crisis a blessing for MRP

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Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has said since after the elections in 2013, the two former super powers of Zimbabwean politics have been operating on a free mode with no leadership, because the so called leaders of these two parties ZANU PF and MDC-T have spent the past five years either trying to deal with internal revolt, coups, or own sickness. Right now ZANU PF has split into Lacoste and G40 with ZANU PF’s Lacoste faction managing to remove the older Gukurahundist and replacing it with another one, while they either kill, maim, arrest, persecute, or chase after any perceived G40 members real or imagined through a coup.

“While the MDC-T now has three Vice presidents who all claim to have been appointed by their leader to be acting Presidents and now the party has four command centres namely Thokozani Khuphe, Nelson Chamisa, Elias Mudzuri and Luke Tamborinyoka all claim to be authoritatively in charge of MDC-Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai’s personal spokesperson seem to have switched allegiance to the suspected Lacoste deployee Nelson Chamisa just like George Charamba who switched allegiance from Mugabe to Mnangagwa did during the coup days” said Mbonisi Gumbo

“The two parties have over the years failed to deal with succession issues within their parties, allowing their parties to plunge into turmoil and uncertainty which has clearly paved the way for Mthwakazi Republic Party  to take over in Mthwakazi. We now read statement after statement with the zanu and mdc-t factions working hard to out do each other in public, in the process making fools out of themselves, while creating serious confusion within the ruling party and also within the opposition, a simple analysis of the goings on within the Zimbabwe politics will reveal that of the 75 registered parties 72 of them are led by people who came from either ZANU PF or the original MDC except Team MRP which is Mthwakazi people’s project and the only people’s revolutionary party.”

He said the so called grand coalition has become a big joke, with the kind of confusion we see here. Dr Thokozani Khuphe and the Secretary General Douglas Monzora were  part of the last weekend talks of a so called opposition parties grand coalition, claiming to be representing their MDC-T while the other command centres of MDC-T distanced themselves from the said talks, and the next day the MDC Alliance distanced itself from it. The kind of desperation for donnor funding within the opposition parties is so shocking, the so called opposition parties are willing to work with ZANU PF loosing factions for their own selfishness.The two parties are known for corruption and they are likely to continue in their path of voter rigging and other dirty staff, but we are equal to the task. The failure by these parties to amicable solve their internal succession issues has not just divided the two parties but the whole of Mashonaland making it easy for Mthwakazi Restoration as we are regrouping and finding each other.

“The destruction of these two parties means that Mthwakazi Republic Party becomes the only available alternative for Mthwakazi voters.The party is on a vigorous campaign, and is working tirelessly to Restore Mthwakazi to its former self, a win by Team MRP will lift our chances for self-determination.

MRP remains the only organised party, we are pleading with all people to vote Team  , thisMthwakazi Republic Party will help us to gain political power that is an important tool towards our self-determination goal” he said.

“The past five years have seen Mthwakazi Republic Party’s formation and its subsequent growth to the extent that it is expected to win majority of seats in Matabeleland North, South, Midlands and Bulawayo. MRP has become the leading party in Zimbabwean politics particularly the Restoration agenda. ”

‘We have always believed from the beginning that MRP is God’s project, true to our beliefs the party continues to grow on a daily basis, and it has become the only authentic and genuine Mthwakazi voice of the voiceless. MRP in itself is a miracle which is uncounqerable. The party has operated without a sponsor since its inception. We have boldly rejected all the conditional help, preferring to run the party with  our members contributions. We have managed to safeguard the party ideology and vision upto this far. We have no plan what so ever  to shift our agenda from Mthwakazi Restoration. ”

He said the Coronation of Mthwakazi King on the third of March 2018 is also set to boost the moral of the Mthwakazi people and is likely to put MRP at a great advantage.

“May our people remain focused and never loose hope no matter how much these opposition parties lie to them. Vote Team MRP.”

Num 13:34  And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim); and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

“Mthwakazi Omuhle lina ondlela zimhlophe”. Don’t let these perceived giants that you see reduce your worth. Never make negative assumptions about Mthwakazi Restoration you can certainly do it in life despite the presence of the Gukurahundists. Lets remain positive never mix bad words with our great Agenda of nation building, we will have many opportunities to change our story. The words that we speak carries creative ability that one day they will surely come to pass. Don’t let the grasshopper mentality take the lead in our Restoration Agenda stay positive always even if our mountain is too big to climb.  Despite the circumstance lets speak the words of victory.

Source: Byo24

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