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Mnangagwa is afraid of Grace: Mugabe

Mugabe said contrary to claims by Mnangagwa that he was being treated with respect, his family was being abused.

“They say Mugabe is a legend.

What legend are you talking about when you are busy taking away the vehicles?

They say they want to protect my legacy, which legacy are they talking about? Doing the opposite of what we fought for,” he charged.

“The boys and girls who used to work with us have been withdrawn, vehicles being taken from us.

“What legacy when they have expelled me from the party?

This girl here, my wife, is no longer a member of Zanu PF, so what legacy are you talking about?

Why fear this girl (pointing at Grace)? She is just young, but they took the tanks to fight her,” Mugabe said before breaking into laughter.

He said Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, who was the army commander at the time, took sides with Mnangagwa in the Zanu PF factional wars and “rolled out tanks against the people.”

“Because we had a misunderstanding with one of my vice-presidents, Emmerson, the army with Chiwenga decided to take out tanks into the streets.

This is not what we fought for,” he charged.

“We did not fight for people to be threatened like what happened, it’s sad.

“Those tanks you saw, I last saw them in 1939-1945 during the war period.

I asked, ‘are we in a war period, why go to war against your own people?

Why do that? Because of power!’”

Mugabe said during the negotiations with the military commanders after they had placed him under house arrest, they claimed that people were on the streets demanding his ouster.

“They said to me people have marched, they want you to go.

They said they have filled the stadium demanding that I should go, I said: Which people, MDC people?

“What about those in Kadoma, what about those in Mutare, did you ask them? People were being beaten; the soldiers were beating up our intelligence guys saying you are paid higher than us,” he added.

“You wear good suits, hence you are protecting Mugabe.

Ahh, they don’t know that you don’t need to be educated to be a soldier; normally soldiers are recruited from Grade Seven or Form Two while the intelligence team is recruited from those who are educated.

“It should follow that when one is educated with a degree or ‘A’ Level you should be paid higher than those who are just recruited as long as they can be trained.”

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