Denver Mukamba and his $40 000 divorce bill

Denver Mukamba
Denver Mukamba

DYNAMOS could be forced to pay Denver Mukamba about $40 000 to terminate his contract with the club  after the contract ended yesterday. The events came just a day after the Glamour Boys had appeared to open their doors for the rehabilitation of the Denver Mukamba when he was allowed to train with the rest of the team in Harare on Tuesday.

However, things took a dramatic twist yesterday when coach Lloyd Mutasa told Denver Mukamba that he should not continue coming to the training sessions because he wasn’t part of his plans for the season while club president Kenny Mubaiwa backed his gaffer on that tough stance.

However, DeMbare will have to fork a little fortune to part ways with Denver Mukamba who has a contract with the club until July next year.

Initial estimates show that the Glamour Boys could be forced to splash about $40 000 for the divorce to be finalised and this could clear Denver Mukamba to join a team of his choice amid reports last night that CAPS United were closely watching the developments at their biggest rivals.

The Green Machine have already taken on board former Dynamos forward Wisdom Mutasa into their fold.
“CAPS United are following the events surrounding Denver Mukamba very closely and in the event that an official position comes through that he has left Dynamos, they could try and get him into their team because the coach Lloyd Chitembwe believes he is a talent that could be revived,’’ sources told The Herald.

“It’s quite an interesting situation because there are some who feel that Denver Mukamba is someone who is beyond redemption and nothing whatsoever will help him.

“However, Chitembwe is a coach who is known to be a strict disciplinarian and remember he has already taken on board Wisdom, who is considered another bad boy, and Mutuma (Rodreck) has also been taken aboard the Green Machine.

“CAPS believe they are a bit lightweight in terms of goals and Denver Mukamba , if he can be revived, is someone who can help them through his creativity and he can also score some goals, too, and let’s wait and see how this drama unfolds.’’

Mukamba’s manager Gibson Mahachi said they were convinced everything had been sorted with DeMbare when the midfielder was allowed to train with the rest of the squad on Tuesday only for things to change dramatically yesterday.

“One thing I have to make very clear is that we are in this mess because Denver didn’t behave according to expectations and that should be made clear, but we also believe that such weaknesses run deep among many footballers, including some of the world’s superstars, and it’s our job to try and manage them and bring them back on track,’’ said Mahachi.

“Many football clubs have a number of wayward football stars, but they find a way of managing them so that they can get the best from such talents and that is what we expected from the Dynamos leadership because he has a contract with them and when I met with the executive we discussed these things and we agreed that he should go back and train, which he did on Tuesday.

“Denver’s case is not a unique one, but of course, because of his profile, his situation is blown out of proportion in these days of social media and what is said about him is not necessarily the truth and I am saying that because I know him very well.

“I am not saying he hasn’t made mistakes, and I repeat that we are in this mess because he made some big mistakes, but I have seen other players who have made worse mistakes than Denver and have played football for their clubs.

“The coach appears to have made his decision about Denver Mukamba and it looks like nothing will move him from that and I am going to meet with the Dynamos executive again tomorrow (today) so that we discuss this thing and if this is the end of his stay there, then we have to discuss what it costs for that contract to be terminated.

“Denver Mukamba had a $20 000 signing-on fee on his contract and about half of that amount has been paid and then you have to take into consideration some things like his projected earnings had he remained at the club until the end of his contract, etc.

“Remember this is someone who had the security of a job, who believed that his future, until July next year, was sorted and if his contract is suddenly terminated all that has to be taken into account.

“Denver Mukamba has made some mistakes, but he only wants to play football because that is what he knows best and let’s wait and see what happens from now onwards.’’

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