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The Dangers of Online Dating

With the invention of the internet, activities such as shopping, research, even meeting people, can all be done online. Social media has made it easy to connect with individuals from any part of the world. The internet has also introduced another thing; online dating likewise referred to as internet dating. Online dating means associating with a person romantically over the net. A couple dating online may have never met each other in real life. Each partner relies on the pictures shared to know what their partner looks like. Important details such as place of work, marital status, gender as well as background are all exchanged between both parties online. Cyberdating has become so widespread that online dating services offering to link up interested parties are thriving. One reason ...

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Difference Between Descriptive And Prescriptive English Phrases

Language is one thing that has passed through several stages before becoming what it’s now. It must be remembered that Grammar has been an important aspect for language since it ensure that there’s a proper connection of words together with phrases. This makes a language to be accepted in a given social framework. Just like Mathematics, Grammar is governed by rules together with principles that are in place to ensure that users have uniform structure when using language. Over time, the use of Grammar has witnessed numerous transformations in terms of principles together with rules that have contributed in changing the general structure of Grammar. Plenty of time when you’re using Grammar, two conflicting views will always come in play. That is, the old version views which can be des...

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