The Dangers of Online Dating

The Dangers of Online Dating

With the invention of the internet, activities such as shopping, research, even meeting people, can all be done online. Social media has made it easy to connect with individuals from any part of the world. The internet has also introduced another thing; online dating likewise referred to as internet dating. Online dating means associating with a person romantically over the net. A couple dating online may have never met each other in real life. Each partner relies on the pictures shared to know what their partner looks like.

Important details such as place of

Important details such as place of work, marital status, gender as well as background are all exchanged between both parties online. Cyberdating has become so widespread that online dating services offering to link up interested parties are thriving. One reason why it’s so popular is that girls refer to it as being “safe” in the sense that they can’t get pregnant from dating online. A shy person who finds it difficult to meet face-to-face might consider dating on cyberspace to be less stressful. Certain individuals might feel that the area they live in is lacking potential marriage mates. Online dating services make it easy to find your match using age, location, gender.

Another reason computer dating is common

Another reason computer dating is common is the desire to find a mate to get married. The pressure to date, get married, and start a family can be so strong that it drives people to go on the net to search for dating partners because they have friends who are doing it. With computer dating being so popular one might think it is safe but online dating can be dangerous. In cyberspace, everyone can be nice. Chats are constructed deliberately to impress, to woo. Kind sweet words are exchanged back and forth making it easy for emotions to grow based on words alone. Mannerisms, facial expressions

The Dangers of Online Dating

The anonymity that the web provides makes people vulnerable to predators. Cases of stalking, fraud even murder are frequently associated with online dating. A person could deliberately give false information on his/her age, location, and personality. An old man could disguise as a young person, tricking the other party into believing he is something other than what he is. Because of how easy it is to spin lies and feign genuine interest while chatting, emotional attachments form quickly. Pedophiles and serial killers use online dating services to lure out their prey. Because of these deceptive lies, it is easy to get emotionally hurt and heartbroken.

Sexting is one example of the dangers associated with online dating. Cyber sexting involves exchanging sexually explicit messages, pictures as well as videos. Although those who engage in sexting refer to it as “safe sex” since they can’t get pregnant or contract STDs from it. Sexting with someone you are dating over the internet has more disadvantages than advantages. The pictures and videos exchanged can be leaked on the internet either as an act of vengeance or a way to make money. Apart from the shame and humiliation this causes, it can lead to a damaged reputation.

Giving out personal information to someone online can also lead to identity theft. Fraudsters front as admirers to get information on a that they proceed to use in defrauding that person. Such information can further be used in defrauding family members of the victim. Questions such as favorite color, name of a pet, place of birth can be used by hackers to decipher passwords to your bank account. Criminals who live in the same neighborhood as their victims can use this medium to gain knowledge about their scheduled activities so as to know when to break into the victim’s home.

Online dating is fraught with dangers that is why it is heavily discouraged. Avoid giving out personal information that may be used to steal your identity. Sternly decline any invitation to exchange nude photos or videos as well as pictures of family members and pets. Report to the police immediately you feel you are being stalked on the web. Do not answer personal questions or lead questions that may expose your family to danger. Try all avenues to meet people face-to-face including attending conventions, social gatherings as well as religious gatherings. Most importantly, replace cyber dating with physical dating; it is best.