The downside of dating online

The downside of dating online

Dating has evolved from the convectional structure of how people used to meet in the past. With the evolution of dating, more people are willing to meet online because of the convenience and the large pool of potential mates to pick from that dating platforms offer. This new way of dating does not come without its fair share of dangers that are tied to it. Dating online has proven to be a risky affair considering how real the dangers that online dating poses to users. Users have fallen victim to other malicious users that use dating sites to lure their victims.

Instances of date rape have been

Instances of date rape have been on the rise with the increase in popularity of online dating. Perpetrators of this despicable act use dating platforms to lure their victims. By creating fake profiles, the perpetrators can create a profile that will appeal to the victims. Through baiting their victims, they can set up dates that draw their victims out for the fake date only to end up drugged and raped. Perpetrators of these acts are rarely tracked because there is not much information to go by when law enforcers are investigating. Disappearing is too easy an act as deleting your user profile erases all traces of existence of such a user.

Online dating sites are a good

Online dating sites are a good hunting ground for pedophiles who prey on children. Since the sites have no way of verifying the age of the users other than what is declared in the user profile, underage users find themselves in these dating websites where they can be targeted by pedophiles who use such sites to find potential targets. Dating sites make for a dangerous avenue for underage kids who have little understanding of the dangers that these dating websites carry. To safeguard kids from the threats faced online, they should be discouraged from joining such websites.

The downside of dating online

The threat of human trafficking has been on rise with convenience offered by online dating. Human traffickers have taken to the internet to lure young women from all over. Traffickers create fake profiles and offer these girls attractive offers. These traffickers promise girls posh dates in exclusive entertainment spots from where they are abducted. Girls that suffer this fate are sold-off to brothels to be exploited as prostitutes. Human traffickers keep these girls in poor conditions while denying them freedom. To curb the terrors of human trafficking dating platforms have to do a thorough screening of members on its platform.

A significant rise of cases of online scams tied to online dating is being experienced. Catfishing refers to members who venture into online dating platforms with a goal to rob unsuspecting members by asking financial favors from them. Members tend to fall prey to other members using fake profiles to catfish them. Being scammed in this fashion goes unreported on many dating websites since people feel little or no action will be taken. These online scams have run unchecked for a while because of the slow follow-up process that is offered by most dating platforms.

It is hard to fully know a person through online dating since you cannot establish a person’s temperament over the internet. This failure to judge the personality and character of a person is a fatal error in dating. When meeting a stranger, it pays to know such a character well enough to make a solid judgment on who they are. Some mentally disturbed individuals such as serial killers have a habit of scouting on dating websites. Dating apps offer no tools to screen people making them a great hideout for psychopaths with malicious intent to act on their sick fantasies.

The dating apps compromise user data if they are hacked. For most dating apps to work, a user has to fill-out private information that if not secured properly can compromise the safety of participants. The location of your device plays a key role in the working of a dating up. Giving out such a crucial bit of information leaves you vulnerable to attacks since you are easy to track as your movements can be easily monitored. To maintain safety, people must check on the access privileges given to dating apps to make sure they do not compromise their safety posing a security threat.