Russia Responds To Rumours Of Assisting Mnangagwa In 2018 Elections


Russia has been accused of meddling in for instance the last US election in what later saw the bosses of social media companies being hauled before the US Congress following evidence that posts and advert campaigns were run to confuse the US vote.

The development also comes after Mnangagwa this week assigned cyber agents to conduct warfare on social media websites.

But Minister Lavrov replied saying, “we never meddle within the domestic affairs of any country, even though we hear allegations within the country on a daily basis, from Washington and some other western capitals…so far no one has been able to bring evidence to support their allegations.”

Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, March 8, 2018

He also continued alleging, “recently I think it was the New York Times which published a big piece recounting decades and decades of interference by the United States within the domestic affairs the elections of dozens of countries…”

“And when this thing came up, and a discussion unfolded within the America media about all this interference I heard something incredible statements that yes they are doing this, but they are doing this for the good of these countries because together with the interference what they bring is democracy and liberty.

“We do not share this philosophy at all, we believe these approaches are imperialistic and we are never going to do anything like that.

“It is up to the people of Zimbabwe as well as to the people of other nations…to decide their own future and I believe this is what the people of Zimbabwe are going to do, they are going to do during the elections they are going to express their opinion.”

Source: Zimeye

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