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Snap Tech International opens Zimbabwe office

Snap Tech Country Director for Zimbabwe, Dakarai Kuhlengisa said Zimbabweans and their government should invest in project management skills for both public and private players in order for the country to derive tangible benefits from the new dispension mantra that ‘Zimbabwe is open for business.’

“Players in all the economic sectors should treat the change agenda as announced by the President ED Mnangagwa as a country-wide project in order to ensure success,” said Kuhlengisa.

He said his organization was heartened by President ED Mnangagwa’ s call for change under this new dispensation adding that the opening of the new office in Zimbabwe aimed at assisting willing organisations get training and expertise in project management.

“The call by our President for change and the declaration that Zimbabwe is open for business is a massive integrated project that requires the necessary project management skills in order to meet the objectives within the expected timeframes,” he said.

Guy Eastoe , Snap Tech CEO urged the country’ s leadership to adopt and encourage international best practices in project management to ensure the successful implementation and management of new business ventures and projects.

“Leadership should open their minds to good power of change management. However, they should not ignore good governance and sensible bureaucracy if these projects are to be successful,” he said.

SnapTech, which is headquartered in South Africa, is an international firm which has been operating for 27 years. The organisation is also present in Kenya, West Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Europe and Australia. However, the company which is run by Zimbabweans had not opened an office in this country.

Snap Tech (Pty) Ltd is an Accredited Consulting and Training company offering training in International Best Practice standards, frameworks and models in Project, Programme and Portfolio management.

The organisation also offers consulting and skills development services to individuals, companies and public sector personnel designed to transfer knowledge and pragmatic best practice experience through structured engagements.

Source: Zimeye

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