Sunday Mail Columnist blasts ZANU PF Youths

Richard mahomva

Sunday News and Sunday Mail Columnist Richard Mahomva took to Facebook to denounce the ‘Pasi Na Mugabe’ slogan that was chanted by ZANU PF Youths in Harare. Mahomva is the Former PA to Makhosini Hlongwane who axed from the Minister being accused of being one of the G40 Kingpins.

“Then what legacy did ZANU-PF restore if Africa’s icon desperaged like this? The tragedy of having a youth league of ignoramuses. Sycophants with no dot of ideological turtelege. Blind slogan chanting expediance seekers.  I have no problem with the ‘pasi naMugabe (icon of Africa) coming from the opposition.No Probity. No Consistency. No Principles.” Richard Mahomva said.

Another Facebook user commented saying, “No one, on any side of the national political divide, should dare say pasi/down with anyone. Its hate speech! Its retrogressive! This political vulturism has to be condemned and expunged from our political sloganeering and aligned conversations.”

Richard Mahomva is not new to controversy. In 2016 he wrote an opinion piece in the Southern Daily liken Mugabe to Jesus Christ.

“His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie the First of Ethiopia once said “Africa awaits its creators…” The statement speaks to contemporary pan-Africanism linked with the life purpose of Robert Mugabe here deliberately explained through a biblical messianic allusion. Once again the clamor made at the birth of the Christian savior Jesus the Christ in the book of Matthew, “Unto us a child is born…” resonates with the birth of Robert Mugabe not in Zimbabwe, but in Africa at large.” Richard Mahomva said.

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