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Chamisa Hails AU”s Progress In Establishing ACFTA

President Chamisa Hails Establishment Of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). I hail the signing of the Kigali Declaration on the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area at the 10th Extraordinary Summit of the Assembly of the African Union in Kigali, Rwanda. This is a progressive way forward. We cannot allow colonial boundaries and prejudices to keep us apart anymore. It is a generational mandate that we shake off the yoke of colonialism and imperialism, and start to do business on our own, in our own terms.…

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More allies defect from Khupe to Nelson Chamisa.

Embattled former MDC vice president Thokozani Khupe’s hopes of taking full control of the opposition party have been deflated by the defection of her two key allies to the MDC President Nelson Chamisa ” Two MPs Hon Lwazi Sibanda and Dorothy Bhebhe aka Gonyeti have dumped the former MDC T VP Khupe and they have since rejoined the MDC Party. They met the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa at Morgan Tsvangirai House this afternoon. Only two MPs Hon Bhebhe and Nomvula are still backing Khupe,” said an MDC official. In…

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Chamisa and Thokozani Khupefight over party funds

EMBATTLED MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has approached the Justice ministry, demanding that the money due to the opposition party under the Political Parties Finance Act (PPFA) be channelled to her faction. The MDC-T is entitled to receive $1,8 million under the fund. Khupe, who is trapped in a nasty power wrangle with Nelson Chamisa following the death of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai last month, argued that she was the bona fide leader of the largest opposition party. In her letter to the Justice ministry where she also attached a…

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Mutinhiri’s NPF Party has a Military wing

“Here we are now, NPF political outfit is totally different from any ordinary opposition party in Zimbabwe at the moment because it has got a military wing at its disposal which makes it more real. Mnangagwa and the junta must look up to heaven and ask God on the Way forward because failure to do those things are going to fall apart dramatically.The political ice block where Mnangagwa and his Lacoste are sitting is melting very fast because of political radiation coming from the NPF organisation which will make Mnangagwa an…

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MDC-T Chamisa’s “Strong Words” To Mnangagwa and Mudenda.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker. The words that I stood up to say are in connection with the rights that are provided for in the Standing Orders.  I stood up to give strong words to you Mr. Speaker and also extend those words to the President of the nation. I say these words concerning what befell us as a nation a few weeks ago after losing our former Prime Minister, Mr. Tsvangirai who was also the leader of the MDC-T. Mr. Speaker, this was an event that befell us whilst we…

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NEW TWIST TO KHUPE BLOODY ATTACK: Hwende Says Thoko’s Secretary Did It

The probe into the violence that occurred at the MDC’s Bulawayo provincial offices yesterday has seen allegations flung at Vice President Thokozani Khupe’s main personal aid. MDC Standing Committee member, Chalton Hwende told ZimEye the man who was filmed being brutally stoned is in fact a Nelson Chamisa supporter. This was contrary to claims by the Thokozani Khupe’s camp who maintain that the victim is one of  Thokozani Khupe’s  loyal followers. Yesterday senior office holder and Khupe backer Mr Abednico Bhebhe named well known Chamisa backers who include Mr Gift…

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Tafi Mhaka: Mugabe is right….. Mnangagwa must go, Chamisa must watch out

Tafi Mhaka – I believe in democracy, fairness and justice. So media reports on army tanks moving into Harare last November crushed my hopes and dreams for Zimbabwe. I was mad. I was Mad at Gushungo and Grace Mugabe; mad at the ZDF for unleashing tanks on our constitutional democracy; mad at SADC and African Union heads for ostensibly supporting a coup; and mad at everyone for fawning over General Constantino Chiwenga. The post Tafi Mhaka: Mugabe is right….. Mnangagwa must go, Chamisa must watch out appeared first on Nehanda…

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Khupe Rejects Chamisa

Khupe Rejects Chamisa By Zvamaida Murwira MDC-T co-vice president Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s efforts to reach out to his rival and co-vice president Dr Thokozani Khupe failed yesterday after she and national chairperson Mr Lovemore Moyo snubbed two party meetings that he had called. Khupe Rejects Chamisa Adv Chamisa yesterday convened a Standing Committee meeting and another for district chairpersons to rein in the two leaders and convince them to join him. Addressing journalists in the capital, Adv Chamisa said he was keen to engage Dr Khupe so that they can find…

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Why is Chamisa afraid of the Congress?

As a dissatisfied group of MDC-T from Matebeleland North, we are worried by Chamisa’s avoidance of the Congress to choose the President. We are of the feeling that only the Congress must decide who will lead. What is even more disturbing is the allegations that he (Chamisa) is busy promising provincial chairs money to bring the right people to fullfill his agenda. As MDC-T Matebeleland North members we wont sell out one of our own because of the love for money. Our struggle goes beyond temporary material things. This time…

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We must reject the politics of division and tribalism

MDC has shown once again that it is a violent party which grows on intimidation blackmail and instilling fear. Tsvangirai’s funeral has shown the lunatics behaviour of the paid drunk MDC outfits where in Khupe and Mwonzora were almost killed burnt in a locked up thatched house. What never seizes to amaze was that all this dog’s breakfast behaviour was blamed on ZANU-PF.    We must come together and reject the politics of division and violence. It has been exposed at Humanikwa village that all violence is manufactured in MDC-T.  The…

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