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Widow Elizabeth Tsvangirai kicks out former PM’s children from Highlands Mansion

Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow, Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai, has kicked out the late Movement for Democratic Change leader’s children from his Highlands mansion amid reports that she has “grabbed” all of the deceased’s properties. The post Widow Elizabeth Tsvangirai kicks out former PM’s children from Highlands Mansion appeared first on Nehanda Radio. Source: Nehanda Radio

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Wicknell Chivhayo urges Elizabeth Tsvangirai to take matters to court

WICKNELL CHIVHAYO has urged the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s Widow Elizabeth Tsvangirai who was literally harassed and side-lined by Tsvangirai’s family to take courage and wipe all property legally through court. The nation was angered at the Tsvangirai family abuse towards the woman who looked after Tsvangirai in life, the woman he loved and the woman he wanted beside him on his death bed, who was blocked from being beside him in hospital of flying alongside his body in a military helicopter and left to follow by road. This drama exposed…

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Elizabeth Tsvangirai’s current situation should be a concern to all women!

Second letter to Women of Zimbabwe: International Day of Women 2018 Without coming to any judgement about what transpired in the events leading to President Tsvangirai’s death and burial proceedings, it is easy to judge. The “judge ye not” says the holy book. We are deeply concerned about the treatment of Mrs. Tsvangirai by her in-laws during the last days of Tsvangirai’s life, his death and the funeral of our fellow citizen. We women would like to say it loud that her treatment was distasteful at best not human. To…

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Nasty fight over Tsvangirai estate

Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth faces the spectre of being deprived of her inheritance following the death of her husband on Wednesday last week. The Daily News can report that the Tsvangirai family has severed ties with the former prime minister’s widow as it girds its loins, ready to strip her of property and evict her from the majestic Highlands mansion. This may, however, turn to be an uphill task because, legally, the surviving spouse inherits whatever would have been left behind by her husband or wife, unless there are special…

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Chaos erupts as Tsvangirai’s body arrives

By Fungi Kwaramba A bitter family feud over Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow — Elizabeth — accompanying her husband’s body into the One Commando Barracks forced government to step in yesterday and take charge of the proceedings, triggering protests from the late opposition MDC leader’s supporters. Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth At the last minute yesterday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government — which refused to declare the popular opposition leader and long-time rival of former president Robert Mugabe a national hero — decided to have Tsvangirai’s body lie in state at the army barracks. Acting Information…

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BREAKING: Chamisa having an affair with Elizabeth Tsvangirai?

So Chamisa tries to see Morgan on the 1st of February and Morgan refused to see him. Then around the time Chamisa is in South Africa, Morgans wife disappears. Her excuse for disappearing turns out to be a lie as she sneaks into and out of Zimbabwe and lies she was home with a headache. Morgans wife is sneaking around and lying. Morgan is told and according to his brother he becomes angry and says “this cannot continue, I don’t want to see her anymore” which means this was the…

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Family fights over Tsvangirai property

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government on Sunday came to the rescue of ailing MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai when it deployed armed police guards to stave off the former prime minister’s alleged relatives who had wanted to raid his Highlands home of household property The visit to Tsvangirai’s residence by his relatives comes as they have been caught up in the ugly MDC infighting which has seen his wife, Elizabeth, being denied access to him on account she is trying to influence the ascendency of one of the party’s vice presidents, Nelson…

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