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ICT policy launch set

Government and various stakeholders will on March 21 officially launch the process of implementing the National Information Communication Technology (ICT) policy, which was crafted in 2015, an official has said. Zimbabwe first launched its National ICT Policy Framework in 2007, but the document was overtaken by developments in the fast-growing sector. In 2015, Zimbabwe developed a fresh ICT policy, which was meant to buttress efforts to grow its fragile economy. Regain 37 and Life Revival Foundation in partnership with government and various stakeholders will drive the initiative of implementing the…

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Re-Skill Or Get Retrenched: The Demands Of A Digital World

The announcement by Standard Chartered Bank last week that it will close at least seven of its branches across Zimbabwe could be viewed as a sad development in light of country efforts to create employment. The bank said the move to retrench is due to the emergence of digital banking solutions like mobile banking and Internet banking which are countering the need to continue keeping traditional human resources workforce. This raises fundamental questions on the place of technology in the modern day operations of companies and factories. It can be…

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