ED should focus on economic transition and not just sitting in office

Now with removal of Mugabe the state is even more personalised because you now have a locus of weak political power and strong military power in government. That conflation on it’s own destroys structures for good governance. Zimbabwe is better after change from Mugabe because the age old question of who is successor is no longer business of party and government. However the solution is not perfect, it takes a lot to plan and implement a take over. It takes even more energy to make a take over work. That…

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I’ll leave the state house when I’m dead- Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is refusing to vacate the official residence that he occupied before his removal from power last year, according to media reports monitored here on Thursday. Presidential spokesperson George Charamba told the Daily News that the former Zimbabwean strongman has not removed his personal property and valuables from Zimbabwe House, more than four month after he resigned. “The last time I checked, President Mnangagwa was still to access Zimbabwe House and the former president Robert Mugabe was still clearing his things from there,” Charamba said. The…

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Dynamos has not won since Mugabe left office

DYNAMOS’ morale sapping defeat to bitter rivals Highlanders at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday cemented the Harare giants’ worst run in opening games in the history of the Premier Soccer League. The League was established in 1992 as a breakaway football entity from a then Zifa-run Super League and Bosso were the first side to win the inaugural PSL title in 1993, managing to collect 40 points, five more than runners up Caps United while DeMbare were fifth with 34 points. However, the Glamour Boys had not had such a miserable…

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Is It Wise For Chamisa To Meet Mugabe?

Some political analysts are calling on MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa to seek advice from former President Robert Mugabe while some observers are cynical about such a move. Mugabe who was forced to step down following a military takeover in November last year emerged out of his cocoon two weeks ago and accused his former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa of staging a coup d’etat to topple him. Mugabe’s latest remarks reveal the nonagenarian is a bitter man. The formation of the New Patriotic Front also indicates the wily politician is likely to…

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“Coconut” head Moyo scuttle to cover his back

The misguided efforts by Jonathan Moyo to draw the African Union (AU) into the perceived Zimbabwean crisis drew a volley of criticism across the political divide seeing that there was a spiral of silence in the public sphere that it was time up for uncle Bob. Spitting on to Moyo’s face, the AU seemingly unmoved by his request to rope them in and delegitimize Mnangagwa’s administration and choose to conveniently ignore the supposed coup inquest and instead send congratulatory remarks and applause on the peaceful transition of power from Mugabe…

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Chamisa Winning Elections Fools’ Horse Ride Into State House

Zim latest news my harare times

The local Daily News reports that former Mirror owner, Ibbo Mandaza predicts a Chamisa victory in the elections as long as the polls are held in a free, fair and credible manner. He owned the Mirror back then- how ironic. In 2008, Zanu PF showed the world the full extend of its capacity to rig elections. The party forced ZEC to recount the March vote and after six weeks of cooking up the figures; Tsvangirai’s 73%, by Mugabe’s own inadvertent admission, was whittled down to 47%. Enough to force the…

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Mnangagwa openly blasts Mugabe


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has lampooned his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, saying old age was taking a toll on him, causing him to make conflicting and incoherent utterances. He made the remarks in Rwanda early this week responding to delegates attending the extra-ordinary African Union summit, who wanted to know if he was not worried about Mugabe’s recent outbursts and claims by opposition MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa that the former President would back the opposition in this year’s general elections. “He (Mugabe) is now 94 and he may not remember that he…

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Why Mnangagwa keeps Mugabe’s Ministers

WHEN President Emmerson Mnangagwa came into office after his former boss Robert Mugabe had been forced to resign following a military intervention, he could have done anything that he wanted and still get away with it. Such was the huge and overwhelming amount of goodwill outpouring from all corners of the world including his former foes, that failure could only come from a tragic inability to realize what needs to be done. I have always argued that what we changed was the administrator not the administration. Those appointed by Mugabe…

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Mugabe vs Mnangagwa and us all!


Many have said it, and it is much true that our politics is the politics of the stomach, they have said bring principles to a hungry man on one hand, and a bag of mealie-meal on the other hand, the man will choose the mealie-meal a thousand times the choice is repeated. The English say, once beaten twice shy, I guess we have to qualify that, and say it only applies not to a hungry man, because if hungry he will wag his tail marching towards the beating so long…

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The Matabeleland genocide; Mugabe finally accepts his responsibility

In the early 1980s weapons were “discovered” in ZAPU owned farms, by the way by whom, the white led CIO and the newly intergrated ZANU- PF cadres. True arms of war were in some of these farms, but why, one would then ask. Mugabe and his top commanders were fully aware that these arms were there for Umkhontowesizwe. However there were some that had been buried in other farms that neither ZIPRA nor ZANLA former cadres knew of and these were massive. The unique thing about these ones was that…

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