Will Mnangagwa And Mugabe’s Children Suffer From Civil War In Zimbabwe?

The recent developments in Zimbabwe’s political landscape have become more and more uncertain, worrying and dangerous, as the reliance on military power apparently becomes the trump card for some of the most powerful players. It had become common knowledge that the involvement of military power in the country’s political life, has been entrenched ever since independence from Britain in 1980 – with the notorious 5th Brigade’s alleged massacring of tens of thousands of innocent and defence-less men, women and children in the Midlands and Matebeleland regions, to further the narrow…

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New Zimbabwe party dares Mr Robert Mugube

Zimbabwe’s New Patriotic Front (NPF) says “unwarranted” attacks on former president Robert Mugabe by Zanu-PF are a threat to peace and stability. Since inception last month‚ the NPF has been operating with faceless leaders – that was until a senior Zanu-PF official‚ retired brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri‚ met Mugabe at his private residence in Borrowdale‚ Harare. On the day of the meeting with the former Zimbabwe leader‚ Mutinhiri came out of the closet as interim leader of the new outfit‚ which draws its support from within Zanu-PF. Since then‚ a barrage…

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Mugabe political return muddies waters

Politics in this country is getting murkier, uglier, funnier and very interesting. There have never been such interesting times since the meteoric rise of a strong opposition at the turn of the new millennium. The dynamics are changing, alliances formed and broken, political bases reduced to ashes, men and women of high esteem exposed and left naked. Such are the times. The entry of New Patriotic Front (NPF) into the fray has muddied the waters, further necessitating the realignment of political alliances. What is particularly interesting is the emergence of…

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Ambrose Mutinhiri confirmed president of National Patriotic Front president

Brigadier General (Retired) Ambrose Mutinhiri has been confirmed as the leader of the New Patriotic Front (NPF). The NPF made waves when it submitted a petition to the African Union (AU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) denouncing the November 2017 Military Intervention as a coup against former president Robert Mugabe. Mutinhiri himself recently quit Zanu-PF arguing that he cannot be part of a “coup” government. Below we publish the statement from the New Patriotic Front (NPF) in its entirety PRESS STATEMENT Rtd Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri pays a courtesy call…

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