“Open For Business Determined By Free Media,” Argues Chinono – But More So Now Before Elections.


By Wilbert Mukori| Let me start by thanking you brother Hopewell Chinono for the thoughtful articles on Zimbabwe in ZimEye and Nehanda Radio. I hope many Zimbabweans out there will take the time to read and digest them. “Mugabe punched above his weight and with disastrous economic consequences to the country and citizens,” you said in one of the articles. “Our government has been talking politics for far too long. It now needs to talk business, commerce and trade. …. It is only commerce and trade that will see the…

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Re-Skill Or Get Retrenched: The Demands Of A Digital World

The announcement by Standard Chartered Bank last week that it will close at least seven of its branches across Zimbabwe could be viewed as a sad development in light of country efforts to create employment. The bank said the move to retrench is due to the emergence of digital banking solutions like mobile banking and Internet banking which are countering the need to continue keeping traditional human resources workforce. This raises fundamental questions on the place of technology in the modern day operations of companies and factories. It can be…

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Koreans march together at Winter Olympics

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PYEONGCHANG. – Hosts South Korea produced a show of unity with neighbours North Korea during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang yesterday. Their athletes entered under the same flag during the parade, after months of tension in the Korean peninsula.   “We are stronger than all the forces that want to divide us,” declared Olympic president Thomas Bach. Lizzy Yarnold carried Great Britain’s flag, while Russian athletes came in under the neutral Olympic flag. Russia is banned from the Games and the forthcoming Paralympics as a consequence of…

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