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Peter Hungwe Brutally Killed Over Soap Dispute

The Mberengwa Community has been gripped by fear following a callous murder incident. Police last week arrested Tamirira Moyo for allegedly killing his neighbour Peter Hungwe over a heated soap argument. Police here said Moyo crushed Peter Hungwe’ s head with a stone despite efforts by fellow neighbours to intervene in the brawl. “Hungwe was killed as he tried to restrain Moyo from assaulting his sister over a missing bar of soap. Moyo then accused Peter  Hungwe of interfering with his private affairs. He took a stone and crushed Hungwe’…

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Wicknell Chivayo Business Featured News 

New Twist To Chivayo’s Gwanda Scam, Bank Audits Expose’

The probe into how convicted fraudster Wicknell Chivayo obtained a large payment of $5million from the power utility, ZESA’s ZPC subsidiary, saw a visit by the parliamentary portfolio committee of energy to the Gwanda Solar plant site yesterday showing that there is not even a single solar panel at the site 2 year later. This development was last year exposed by when it was revealed Wicknell Chivayo only began constructing a fence a month after Robert Mugabe’s removal. Wicknell Chivayo received $5 million from the Zimbabwe Power Company for the…

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