Uebert Angel rescues Zambia from cholera

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The Uebert Angel Foundation has responded to the cholera outbreak in Zambia by quickly dispatching a team to help action strategised and efficient plans of aid.

In a time where the world views the cholera outbreak as an uncontrollable wheel the Uebert Angel Foundation became a some-what pivot as the team arose bright and early equipped with cleaning equipment and apparel to help with the co-ordinated clean-up to mitigate and try to control and contain the cholera epidemic.

The UK based multi-millionaire prophet Uebert Angel, a business mogul to reckon with openly declared on New Years Eve that the year of 2018 will be one he will dedicate wholly to charity. The first charitable action of Uebert Angel comes as a surprise to the public due to the immense opposition he has received in the past from the Zambian government. During September of 2017 the prophet was denied entry into Zambia for a church event dubbed ‘Goodnews Zambia’. Consequently he communicated with the hundreds of thousands waiting attendees via live video.

Spokesperson of The Uebert Angel Foundation Pastor Rikki Doolan said:

“We love the people and the nation of Zambia and we are praying for them. We are saddened by this out break and as such as the Uebert Angel Foundation we will pour out resources to help with the clean-up exercise and hope that the cholera outbreak will be controlled and contained. We are also praying that this epidemic is completely eradicated from Zambia. Precious lives have already been lost and The Uebert Angel Foundation not rest or spare any costs, will continue to assist the Zambian people and the Zambian government in their efforts to combat this cholera epidemic.”

Pastor Doolan went on to say “We have already stationed response teams on the ground and they are coordinating all relief efforts. We will continue to channel resources in respect to the needs and demands as will be required.”

The cholera outbreak in Zambia is wearily leading to an economic catastrophe. The tourism industry in Zambia is surely becoming the backbone of the economy generating a large 7.9billion zmk (1520750$). The rampant spread of the cholera disease will surely deter tourists more so than ever with major restaurant franchises closing due to the Cholera Vibrio virus being detected on site.

An unknown Prophet says President Edgar Lungu must reconcile with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Uebert Angel before the cholera outbreak dies down.

We await further comments from both the Zambian government and The Uebert Angel Foundation.

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